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Planning your travel and adventure trips

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We all want to travel and experience great places in stunning destinations.

We see images of beauty on social media, friends and family share their stories with us when we meet up, they fill your mind with images and descriptions of places they went to, food they ate, activities they took part in, the amazing people and the different cultures they enjoyed.

Barriers to travelling

  • Price

The cost of flights, accommodation, car rental ( transport ) at destination, activities and spending money for food and shopping. Off peak and Peak times will affect your budget

  • Time

Length of travel time is most often dictated by leave period at work. If the leave period coincides with peak holiday season this will have an effect on pricing/budget.

Planning your Dream holiday

For many years i have been a subscriber to a monthly magazine all about fly fishing. While it is great to read about tips and tricks to catch that fish of a lifetime and the articles always show wonderful pics of a grinning fisherman holding his prize catch, what has always made me really envious is the locations of these fly fishing trips.

The fisher is always surrounded by beauty. Mountains, forests, streams, large rivers ,the big open sea, islands, atolls and the surrounding flats ( shallow sea where one can wade and fish ), fauna and flora,  big open skies with either clear sunshiny days or dark moody clouds, all of which trigger emotions within you that make you just want to dump everything and just go travelling.

After reading through all the great articles you would get to the back pages and there was the one article i looked forward to the most every month. The article or let's say short stories are written by a man highly accomplished and respected in his profession involving the corporate world. (i suspect his true calling is more the author, artist than corporate ). This author talks about a group of long standing friends, five or six of them that travel and fish together. They always seem to be away at some exotic destination following the pursuit of their passion. Now to take time off from your job to go away on these trips when you are a bunch of busy businessmen cannot be easy and here you would argue that being highly successful these guys would have the spare cash to do these expensive trips to far flung corners of the world - but, here’s the " catch". These guys plan 2years ahead, do the research and planning themselves and set affordable budgets.

By planning 2 years ahead they always have a trip booked and payed, they can save accordingly for each trip and book the appropriate time off work.

To really get the most out of every destination, every cent you spend and every moment of every day, whether it be active or just chill time, the traveller will benefit most by planning ahead.

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