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Fly Fishing in Dullstroom part 2

The first article in this Fly Fishing in Dullstroom blog spoke about the journey to the farm, waking up to beautiful sunrises and finally ended with the joy of sending out your fly line on that perfect long cast that lands the fly gently on the water. The perfect cast - the perfect presentation of an imitation food source, which, obviously, no self respecting Rainbow Trout could miss the opportunity to take, ferociously, of the rippled water of the beautiful Dam 7.

But, before all the "reel" pro's out there shoot me down about how unnecessary it is to whack out a full line cast everytime, it must be noted that a large majority of trout are caught within easy casting distances, very often right up close to the bank as they slowly cruise the weedbeds for there joice meals.This is one of the reasons beginners and novices often catch good fish, as long as they can hit the water and that they fish out every cast, they are in with a good chance, hell the first trout i caught was as the fly dangled down into the waters edge as i laboured to undo a knot of proper proportions in my fly line, come to think of it my first Bass too, hmmmm.


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