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The Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta

Get in touch with your natural self

Vast expanses of uninhabited wilderness stretching from horizon to horizon, the sensation of limitless space, astoundingly rich wildlife and bird viewing, night skies littered with stars and heavenly bodies of an unimaginable brilliance, and stunning sunsets of unearthly beauty.
DB-Adventurer and Tour Guide "There are two heavens, and one of them is Botswana'

Destinations in Botswana

Northern Botswana help-a-tourist

Northern Botswana


Northern Botswana is an amazing safari tour destination and is home to the world famous game reserves of Botswana. Northern Botswana is ideally situated at the centre of the Zambian, Zimbabwean and Namibia borders.and can be accessed by road or transfer.

Central Botswana help-a-tourist

Central Botswana


Central Botswana is the largest of Botswana's districts in terms of area and population. It encompasses the traditional homeland of the Bamangwato people and is a vast and wonderful area African wilderness. This easily accessible African safari destination can be accessed by scenic roads and by air safaris. Central Botswana is ideal for memorable African wildlife game viewing activities.

Eastern Botswanaa help-a-tourist

Eastern Botswana

Eastern Botswana_africa-help-a-tourist

Eastern Botswana is the most densely populated corner of the country and it is rich in itshistorical resonance as the heartland of the Batswana. Most travellers visit here on their way between South Africa and Botswana's north.

Southern Botswana africa help-a-tourist

Southern Botswana


Southern Botswana makes up the southernmost area of Botswana, and shares its border with South Africa.The southern section of Botswana is home to Gaborone and can be accessed by road and air transfers.

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Fly Fishing in Dullstroom

Fly Fishing in Dullstroom

As with every trip to the Dullstroom area it all starts with the packing, a bit of a mission but it all gets done and you hit the road from Johannesburg. The roads were traffic free and really they are in excellent condition, only had to dodge one pothole just outside Belfast

De Hoop Nature Reserve - Whale Trail
De Hoop Nature Reserve - Whale Trail

Whale Watching

De Hoop is one of the largest natural areas managed by CapeNature. This beautiful reserve is a favourite for hikers, cyclists, and bird and whale watchers. The reserve, which is 34 000 hectares, is just three hours from Cape Town, in the Overberg.