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Destinations in South Africa

Northern Cape

northern cape south africa help-a-tourist
The Northern Cape is South Africa's largest province, with desert landscapes, wildlife and gemstones. 
Area372,889 km²

Eastern Cape

eastern cape south africa help-a-tourist
The Eastern Cape is a province of South Africa. Its capital is Bhisho, but its two largest cities are Port Elizabeth and East London.
Area168,966 km²

Western Cape

western cape south africa help-a-tourist
The Western Cape is a South African province with coasts bordering the Indian and Atlantic oceans.
Area129,462 km²

Free State

free state south africa help-a-tourist

The Free State is a South African province sprawling over high plains and stretching along the Maluti Mountains bordering Lesotho. 
Area129,825 km²


gauteng south africa help-a-tourist

Gauteng is a northern province of South Africa, with most of its territory defined by 2 of the nation's largest cities
Area: 18,176 km²


limpopo south africa help-a-tourist

Limpopo is a South African province bordering Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It's known for bushveld and wildlife reserves, including part of Kruger National Park
Area125,754 km²

KwaZulu Natal

kwazulu natal south africa-help-a-tourist

KwaZulu-Natal, a coastal South African province, is known for its beaches, mountains and savannah populated by big game


mpumalanga south africa help-a-tourist

Mpumalanga (Zulu name for "the place where the sun rises") is a province in eastern South Africa, bordering the nations of Swaziland and Mozambique.
Area76,495 km²

North West

north west south africa help-a-tourist

North West is an inland South African province that borders Botswana. Its landscape is defined by mountains in the northeast and bushveld scattered with trees and shrubs.

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Fly Fishing in Dullstroom

Fly Fishing in Dullstroom

As with every trip to the Dullstroom area it all starts with the packing, a bit of a mission but it all gets done and you hit the road from Johannesburg. The roads were traffic free and really they are in excellent condition, only had to dodge one pothole just outside Belfast

De Hoop Nature Reserve - Whale Trail
De Hoop Nature Reserve - Whale Trail

Whale Watching

De Hoop is one of the largest natural areas managed by CapeNature. This beautiful reserve is a favourite for hikers, cyclists, and bird and whale watchers. The reserve, which is 34 000 hectares, is just three hours from Cape Town, in the Overberg.