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Visa Requirements for New Zealand Passport Holders Visiting South Africa

Visa Requirements for New Zealand Passport Holders Visiting South Africa

Requirements for New Zealand Passport Holders to Request a Visa for South Africa:

1.  Valid passport.

2.  Two (2) passport photos.

3.  The DHA-84 (for holidays) or DHA-1738 – application form must be completed and signed. You can download this form from the website.

4.  Copy of your passport.

5.  Letter from your employer or business certificate, stating you are on leave.

6.  Invitation letter from SA Company or Host and certified copies of their passport or ID book.  This letter must include the address and contact number of where you will be staying in South Africa, if the applicant will be staying privately you will need to provide a utility bill for the last three months of the host.

7.  Hotel reservations & tourism itinerary, if applicable.

8.   Return or onward travel ticket and itinerary.

9.   Proof of financial means (bank statements for the last three months, credit card, etc.)

10.  Yellow fever vaccination certificate, if applicable.

11.  Police Clearance Certificate(s) in respect of all applicants eighteen (18) years and older in respect of all countries where applicant(s) resided for one (1) year or longer. If the visit is less than three months, there is no need to provide a police clearance certificate.

12.  Fees NZ$95.00 – this is by bank cheque or money order, payable to the South African High Commission. If paying cash, please provide the correct fees as they do not have change in the office. If married to a South African citizen, there is no fee. 

13.  Self-addressed prepaid track and trace courier bag for the return of your passport.

14.  Covering letter from the applicant, to support his/her application.

15.  Letter from the South African spouse, and certified copy of his/her SA passport and ID, and copy of marriage certificate.

16.  Medical and radiological reports. Radiology reports not necessary for pregnant women and children 12 years and below.  If the visit is less than three months, there is no need to provide medical and radiological reports.

17. Medical Travel/Health Insurance.

You must submit your application in person. At this stage it’s not 100% clear whether children must apply in person or not… but from reader experience, it appears not.

SAPeople follower Shalane Williams, who now lives in Auckland, wrote to us after her calls to Wellington went unanswered. She has a 3-year-old son with a New Zealand passport and wanted to know if he needed to accompany her on the flight to Wellington to apply for his visa in person.

Both Home Affairs and the High Commission in New Zealand told us “the child has to accompany the lady”.

BUT Shalane decided to take a risk and go alone because “logically it made no sense for my son to go with me since I was the one completing the information and applying on his behalf.”

Fortunately she was right… and her son’s presence was not required.

When SAPeople asked the HC if another family with three children under 18 all needed to travel to Wellington (a costly exercise when they’d already saved for so long to afford the trip back home to South Africa), Sifa said: “one parent can bring all the applications with him/her if there is more than one application”.

We wrote back a few times asking for more clarification… but have not heard back.

Shalane’s advice to anyone making the trip to Wellington is:

  • make sure you have all the documents. If you’re not sure, check the website or place a question on SAPeople’s facebook page (write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). “One woman didn’t have a proof of address for the person she was staying with in South Africa, and was told she has to bring it in and could not email it.”
  • if you are applying on your child’s behalf make sure you – as the parent – have your passport with you as well. Shalane was required to show her passport during the interview.

The application can take up to 5-10 working days to process.


http://sahc.org.au/consular.htm and www.dha.gov.za


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